About Us

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Who is Sygnus Ventures?

Sygnus Ventures is part Human, part Private part Venture and part Intellectual Capital.

Sygnus Ventures was established in 2011 in order to make investments in early stage technology and new media companies that offer the opportunity to create significant growth in the digital media arena, focusing primarily on companies that have received some angel investment, have proven successful and need capital to firmly establish the business and prepare it for a formal round of financing.

We partner with game-changing entrepreneurs and experienced, passionate people to build market-transforming companies. As founders, operators and investors, we strive to be the best partners for entrepreneurs building exciting and unique companies in the digital media industry. We create partnerships with media and technology entrepreneurs at the earliest stages of creation and support them as their companies grow and evolve.

Our core strength is our ability to identify value creation opportunities and maximize the potential of our portfolio companies. We recognize the unique nature of every opportunity and provide not only capital but mentoring, guidance, strategic support and key contacts across diverse segments, enabling our portfolio companies to realize their potential, reach their true value and ultimate return on investment.

We provide a broad range of intelligence and support, acting as a catalyst for turning our investees’ vision into reality. We pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with our portfolio management partners and we bring the same passion, emotion and energy that they have for their own businesses. We are methodical, organized and leave as little to chance as possible. We are able to identify, understand and carefully manage all potential risks. We share the entrepreneur’s commitment to be first and the intensity couple with the patience it takes to get there.

Our Philosophy

Sygnus Ventures is managed by people who listen to, analyze opportunities for, and advise entrepreneurs. The team at Sygnus Ventures is committed to using our strengths to achieve our partners’ strategic objectives. In every deal we do, we bring our business acumen, balanced judgment, entrepreneurial expertise, our significant personal networks and our relentless commitment to success. We are careful to ensure that everyone’s economic interests, responsibilities, goals and objectives are fully aligned and that communication is always open. This shared culture, along with our experience in every stage of the entrepreneurial process means that entrepreneurs will be working with a true, committed partner who understands what they are trying to achieve. Ultimately, we are not merely a source of capital – rather we are recognized by our portfolio of companies as real partners.

Our greatest resource is our people and the people we work with. We see every investment as teamwork-- where strengths are combined to visualize and reach a common goal. This is how great companies are built. And this is how we will remain a highly appreciated, tremendously valuable and extremely credible player in the rapid and constantly evolving new media and technology community.

We will participate at two levels:

  • Start-up Stage:

    We invest between $100,000 to $500,000 to accelerate concepts and startups across the digital media industry and technology market. Most of the founders of these companies have typically been developing products they wanted to use themselves upon discovering that many people in the world had the same need.

  • Growth Stage:

    Sygnus Ventures invests between $500,000 and $2,000,000 in companies addressing media, digital, mobile and the technology market. We prefer to be the initial investor and business partner in a growth stage company that is profitable and fast growing and where the team and products (or services) are proven. Ideally, after our investment, the founders continue to lead the company or serve as a functional contributor or significant player in the marketplace.

    In both Startups and Growth companies, we have found that we can help them deepen their management teams, bring advisors and directors that are beyond their immediate circle, assist with expansion into domestic and distant markets (particularly in client identification and investment), assist with the assessment of potential acquisitions and if required help prepare for a public offering.